Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Childhood memories

I think it was last Thursday when we kind of ended up talking about our childhood toys and TV-series while there was some quiet hours at work. Sometimes it's really refreshing to think about your childhood and see how easy things were back then, isn't it? Well, there are actually a few things I played with when I was a kid...

Teeny Weeny Families. Oh I loved these. There were many different animal families. There was also a school in a shoe, a hotel in a tall-case clock, a bakery in a windmill, a mall in a vanity case, a nursery in a rocking horse, cafe in a teapot... There was so much of them. I had pretty much all of them too. I think there was only a couple of the houses and families I didn't have. More of them HERE.

Barbies. I had the Spice Girls, I had Esmeralda and Megara, I had the Millennium Barbie. But my favorite was always Lara. A brown-haired barbie. And I usually dressed her in the Millennium dress if they were going to a party or something. I also had a house and a car and well... I had loads of Barbie's, clothes, accessories and housewares for the house. I also was very girlish and kind of possessive over certain accessories... such as high heeled platform shoes and one certain flower necklace. My friends usually played Ken... oh my poor friends :S

Of course there were Polly Pockets, My Little Ponies and many other toys I played with in my childhood. As for the TV-series...

Pokemon/Digimon. I used to have a HUGE crush on a cartoon character when I was 6-7. And I'm actually talking about Ash... Or well, nowadays I'm just laughing to the memory. But I loved both the "old" Pokemon and Digimon. I can't actually define where goes the limit to old and new but pretty much when there was 101 Pokemon. Or a bit over but who counts... I'm still in progress in catching them all. But I will always count on Pikachu ;)

Bamboo Bears. This was also one of my faves. I loved the girl bear. I also remember some specifics about one episode. It was actually how I managed to search out the show. I often start to think of something that happened and try to ask from my Facebook friends if they know what I'm talking about. But I basically loved this because of the animals.

Blinky Bill (or as we know him in Finland, Vili Vilperi). I kind of relate to him in some level. I think I was also bit mischievous as a kid and liked to play some pranks on people so... And I loved his laugh. It was so funny :D

Others than those... hmm. I remember watching New Adventures of Robin Hood and Xena the Warrior Princess when I was pretty young too. There was also Phileas Fogg, Tabaluga, Flipper and bunch of other animated series I watched from the telly.

What did you watch in your childhood and what was your favorite toys?

Miss K

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