Thursday, January 31, 2013

Customer said it so it must be true

I don't know where you're working at or if you even have a job yet but I've got to share a story from today. I work as a Sandwich Artist and I basically have heard ALL the jokes a million times before and they pretty much stop being funny after the first time. But that's not really it.

I haven't seen a-hole (sorry for my language guys) customers in a while and I almost thought they were extinct. But then in comes Mr. Center-Of-The-Universe and his girlfriend/wife/didn't ask their relationship status. Anywho, she takes club and he takes veggie sub. I do what I always do - I ask if I can make the sandwiches with the same gloves since the other one has meat and other one doesn't. It's alright. They want the breads toasted and with cheese. BOTH of them.

Everything goes well until I start to put the vegetables on the bread. He didn't want olives. Then I put onions on and he says "wait a minute, it went wrong". I apologize and the onions off but it's not enough - he can't stand onions. Alright, so I'll throw the bread away and make a new one to him. My colleague's customer's breads are in the speed oven so I wait and I'm pretty sure he notices I'm going to toast the bread. Then I ask the sauces again to be sure that I remembered them right. Here's another chance for him to see that the bread is in the oven. Now after I take it out from the oven, he says "I didn't want the bread toasted."

... I look at him with a face that says "Dude, SERIOUSLY?" but instead I throw the bread away - AGAIN - and make a new one. He says to me with very rude, pampering voice "Aww, it seems you're having a bad day". I, a stone-hard customer servant, just smile and try not to burst to laugh or say something really obnoxious back (cause usually I just say something nosy that actually leaves them speechless). I probably would've said something like "Well, you are standing in front of me, right?" but nope. I just wrap up the sell. My colleague stares at him with a look that could kill. She also said that the customer DID say only no olives and did say yes to toasting. So I have proof of that too. I don't know about the customer but my day got a lot chipper after that incident.

Nope, I wasn't offended. I wasn't mad. I was just amused to know that there are still people who look down to others and are just big babies who don't know what they want and cannot admit they were wrong. Nothing was good for him. And his girlfriend/wife/whatever just stood next to him and giggled... They were somewhere in their middle to late twenties perhaps. Really mature. 

I'm a customer servant. So basically I'm not a therapist, not a baby, not your actual servant and I'm a human. We make mistakes but you don't have to put YOUR mistakes on us or be rude about it. Just sayin'. I don't take it personally but some might. Because we're not any lower than you are. That's a fact.

But thank you for making my day. Luckily I had some really amazing customers who smiled back and were polite.

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