Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Having that Monday feeling?

I can honestly say that to this day my week has been all-Monday. Let's start with the actual Monday. I went to work to 11-16 shift. At the morning I noticed that I hadn't put my iPhone in charger and there was 17% of battery left. Monday 1 - Miss K 0.

Well, I managed to get a nasty paper cut in my thumb just on another paper cut that had just healed. Monday 2 - Miss K 0.

Otherwise than that, my day was going fine until about 3:30PM. I was filling our dishwasher and was looking to get home at 4PM. Apparently I was so eager to get home, I slammed the dishwasher's open door straight to my fingers (middle finger and ring finger to be exact). And yes, I slammed it quite hard. Monday 3 - Miss K 0. At least it didn't break and my nail didn't get loose like I feared, but there a nasty bruise beneath my finger.

Now you might think that this was my Monday... Nope, guess again. That's not all folks! At 4PM when I was supposed to get home our one employee didn't show up. I called her and she wasn't aware that she even had a shift. She wasn't home plus she didn't have a ride. I called pretty much everyone that had a day off but none could come. Eventually I gave up and stayed till the closing time. Luckily I had the best company in the middle-evening shift =) Monday 4 - Miss K 0.

And while I was driving home, my iPod's battery died. (yeah, my music is VERY important to me, I listen to my iPod when I drive). Luckily I had a charger in my car but it took a while since it's old and bit slow... Monday 5 - Miss K 0.

And then I went and proclaimed in Facebook that since it's already 10:30PM, I'm gonna call it the worst Monday ever. Then my mother told me that there was a collection letter for me at home. Apparently I didn't verify my payment for my mother's Christmas present when I went to pay it online... So now on top of the actual bill, I have to pay 5€ more for that letter... Monday 6 - Miss K 0.

That was my actual Monday. 

I have this course with my puppy at Tuesdays and I had received a message on Monday that it was canceled. But for what I understood the message said "today" which was Monday at that time. Plus it had another trainer's name on it. I drove to the shop with my puppy as did two others. The text was eventually right: there was no course that day. Also I noticed that my gas was pretty low but luckily it didn't run out and I got to refill it before the warning light turned on. Monday 67- Miss K 0.

Today has been alright but I have been extremely tired all day long and my back and shoulders are all jammed. Plus my puppy actually kept me up last night (and in the evening) by digging her bed and being all restless. Now she's - fortunately -asleep and after watching a couple episodes of Arrow, I'm off to the dreamland too. Next week I swear I'm going to skip over Monday. And for the rest of my life.

Miss K.

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