Thursday, February 28, 2013

Travel fever, part 1: Biedenkopf, Germany

This is going to be quite short and I intend to post my next travel fever post right after this one. First I'll tell you a bit about my traveling history.

In 1997 we were in Paris, France with my family. I was seven at that time so everything was different with a young girl's eyes. Yes, we visited the usual landmarks: Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Louvre, Lafayette, Arc de Triomphe and... DISNEYLAND. Yes I want to go there again cause my inner kid has not died. It was quite awesome holiday. But there is one memory above other. 

Next to our hotel was a restaurant and an ice cream booth. The ice cream man shouted to people to come and buy ice cream everyday. He was really funny guy. So one night we were eating at the restaurant, near the booth when I started laughing at the man. Who actually started to be even more funny for me after noticing that. We left the restaurant after we ate and my stomach was hurting from laughing. It was the next day when we walked by the booth on our way back to the hotel and the ice cream man waved at me. I went to the booth and he gave me a rose. And I bought an ice cream. It was so sweet of him. 

Next summer, 1998, we went to Salou, Spain with my family and my godmother. It was fun, spending the days on the beach or by the hotel pool. We also took day trips to Barcelona and Andorra which were organized by our travel agent. At our hotel there was a restaurant too. We ate there and there was this sweet waiter. He was always nice to everyone and made people smile. Apparently my nordic charm worked on that trip too cause he put an extra cherry on the top of my ice cream goblet on the last night we were there. We also went to another restaurant where some boy (apparently the owner's son) gave me a lollipop. God I must've been one adorable kid :D

Now to the point. After ten years it was finally time for me to travel abroad. I was talking to my mom how I wanted to go to Paris before Christmas. But she didn't say yes. It was the year I graduated from high school and I had some savings (plus my mom helped me a bit in the end =D). I talked in MSN with my friend who was working as an au pair in [BIEDENKOPF], Germany. I just said that I should come visit you (as a joke) and she said that I really should! We weren't exactly the most closest in high school but the funny thing is that we became close after that trip :D! 

Two months later (in November) I was sitting on a plane to Frankfurt. I always swore that I would never go to Germany cause I hated the language in high school. It became really hard and ugh, I just didn't want anything to do with it. But well, things change. Kirsi was waiting for me in the airport and we took a train to Biedenkopf, which is about 3hrs away from Frankfurt. I have never cared about the big cities (if we don't count in UK, France and Italy) so this little town was so adorable after seeing a glimpse of the steel-covered Frankfurt. 

The first night we headed out to the town "centre" which was merely a medium-sized plaza. There was this adorable ice cream parlour [EIS CAFE VENEZIA] which came our regular place to hang out. The picture up there ^^ is me eating "Heidelbeer Becher" which cost 5,90 euros. I know right? It's really cheap compared to the amount of it. The other night I ate a humongous portion of ice cream which cost me 7,40€.

There was like 3 ice creams, 3 huge whipped cream towers, sauces and decorations. It was really good though it was a bit too much even for me. But if you are ever going to Germany, visit this little town. There's a castle too!

Another, memorable place was [MARBURG], where we visited. It took about an hour (?) by a train. This is really pretty place and everyone should visit there like... yesterday! There is a new town and the old town and the old town is definitely more pleasing to the eye. There are lots of uphills though but it's all worth it! There's a church and there was this lovely chocolate shop where I bought xmas presents for everyone. 

We spent the last day in Frankfurt. Well. Mostly we spent it in Starbucks (the first time for me, yay!) cause it was Sunday and most of the shops were closed. But I definitely want to go in Germany again, it was a short time to get to know the place :D!

And now I shall start on working my really long post from Ireland!

Miss K