Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's valentine!

(Strawberry Pie cupcake with chocolate frosting)

Alright, so I know it's not Valentine yet, but... I went ahead and did some cupcakes. Or actually I made the frosting and decorating today. I've been making cupcakes since 2007 and I love baking them, I love making sugarcraft (I kinda still suck at it cause I've been a bit too lazy to practice since I actually make cupcakes pretty rarely... maybe once a month or ten times per year?). So there it is. The lovely (?) special valentine's day cupcake for my very best friend HajaMiel [WRITTEN BEFORE DAWN] with strawberry pie flavor, chocolate frosting and a little shimmer. Apart from that she's going to get something else too cause I posted this pic a day too early. So let's keep that one a surprise, shall we ;)

I've always loved Valentine. Besides from St. Patrick's day (which I know now very well thanks to my exchange period in Ireland) it's my favorite. Oh and Halloween too! I've done many flavors actually - lemon/liquorice, raspberry/coconut, gingerbread/mulled wine, triple chocolate, double chocolate, caramel apple, cinnamon apple etc... you name it i probably got it. 

Then a time for a little ad - if you are having any parties (wedding, hen party, birthday, graduation, confirmation... etc.) and are interested in my cupcakes, please contact me via e-mail I can do pretty much any flavors and with any theme. My cupcakes are automatically lactose-free but gluten-free cupcakes can be done with extra cost. Also delivery to Pirkanmaa region is possible for a little charge but further than that, we have to agree the terms or a pick up. Some pictures can be seen HERE.

(Please excuse my huuge calves)

I'm dying to wear my Minna Parikka shoes somewhere but I think the next time I have a chance to wear them (since there is loads of snow and i reeeally don't want to ruin them or slip and break my leg - literally) is probably in April when we are going to a cruise with Viking Grace (officially the alcohol stuff is just... stupid cause they still won't prevent the parties...). But ohmigosh I love them. I still want my Fuchsia Melts but these beautiful orange/red Jaquelines are just... so pretty I could die. I bought them on sale at Stockmann (in Helsinki) while I was visiting there.

It was actually a really nice day. I was there January 20th cause there was this huge travel fair going on and I wanted to check it out. So I went there with one of my friends who actually lives right next to the convention centre.

(Yup, that is Fifty Shades of Grey. I still haven't finished it though in my defense, I've only read it in the train)

The fair was lovely and very crowded. I was bit more interested in the stands which represented other countries - not so much domestic traveling though it would do good to travel somewhere else than to Helsinki in Finland. Cause that's been my only destination for a while. Last year I visited Lappeenranta when I went to my friend's housewarming party. And in the summer I visited shortly Jyväskylä to photograph a friend's wedding. Got some pretty pictures from there which can be seen HERE.

It's always been a tradition for me to go for a coffee in FAZER when I visit in Helsinki. I strongly recommend it to anyone who hasn't been there. They serve pastries, brunches, ice cream and loads of coffees and drinks. Last time I ordered Hot chocolate with Marianne crush in it. Mmm, so good. I also spotted a new chocolate bar in the fair earlier but they didn't actually sell it there. But fortunately they did sell it in the cafe. So I bought like six of them. Now it's on the market too. It's dark chocolate with blueberries and raspberries - which are two of my favorite flavors in this world. Coconut being the third. 

Unfortunately Minna Parikka's shop wasn't open on Sundays but I got to drool my future shoes from the window. I will buy Fuchsia Melts someday. I just love them. Adore them. It's funny how much love I have for certain shoes... :D

I also bought these BEAUTIFUL Disney Couture earrings from a Facebook group for luxury clothes, jewelry, shoes etc. I paid 28 euros for them but it's not actually since they cost about $40-$50 if you order them from somewhere else. It was also a bit hard model to find. It's called Tinkerbell and the Star. I loove them. 

And last but not least. I hate to brag but I'm still going to cause I'm so excited I can't take it!

TICKETS TO IIHF USA vs. FIN GAME IN MAY! Last year the ice hockey world championship started when I was in London visiting my friend and we watched two games in a pub. It was an awesome experience, since the year before I watched the games on TV at home. I'm not overly excited about "regular" hockey (with all due respect) but I've watched the world championships for some years now and had a small break until I started to watch them again. Last year me and my mom were talking that we'd go to see one game live this year. And she remembered it - a bit late but still. FIN - RUS game was sold out (surprise...) and there was no FIN - CAN game (which would've been my 1st pick along the FIN-RUS) so I wanted to go see USA vs. FIN. We were a tad bit late but we managed to get quite good places. Now I'm just waiting for the May 8th. YAY.

Miss K.

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